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Country Calling - Bookometer Article
An article about Bookometer in Country Calling

Country Calling did an article about me and my blog, which you can read here. It’s also about another girl called Maya and her blog called Jivva.

13 thoughts on “What people say…”

  1. I’m up early and have finished all my books so am looking on here ( it’s so totally awesome)
    Have you told everyone about the 3rd ruby Redford yet

    Matty x

  2. Hi Peps! Wow! This website is AMAZING! And I can’t believe you’re only 10! I’m 12 and I couldn’t do anything like this! (Well, me and my mates are trying to make our own website, but it won’t be anywhere as good as yours!) Carry on being a young technology genius and keep safe! xxx

  3. Some people recomended this website and said how amazing it was. I am always in need of a good book because these days I just can’t find one! So once I have finished my book I think I will look to this website (I praise you Peps) and find some really good books! I think I might recomend this website to anyone who needs help in finding a book! I wish you luck Peps for all the other book comments and fab views! Thanks so much
    Ellie M

  4. This is amazing!!!
    After I finish Artemis Fowl(which I advise you to read)I’ll be sure to look here for a next book!(unless my peske brother says I have to read a particular series)
    Any way,
    Serena Forwood
    🙂 :3;)

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