The Slither Sisters by Charles Gilman

This is the second book in the Lovecraft Middle School series and this time the fight against Tillinghast just got even harder. It’s back to school  and Robert is having some weird dreams about Tillinghast’s monsters. Professor Gargoyle has gone, but Robert and Glenn have a new thing to worry about when they find out that Sarah Price, one of the twins who disappeared and then mysteriously returned, is running for class president. Against her is Howard Mergler, a nice boy but  invisible against Sarah’s cupcakes and brownies. Sarah and Sylvia disappear every day at lunch, and when Katrina, Robert and Glenn follow them, they find a gate. They go through it, but are caught at Tillinghast mansion by the twins. They are a hairs breadth away from being used by the monsters like Professor Gargoyle, when Ms Lavinia rescues them. The twins aren’t just running for fun, though. They have bad intentions, and if they win, all the students at Lovecraft would be put in deadly danger. Robert runs for class president, and with some help from his friends, it seems he stands a chance. But Sarah and Sylvia are not going to play nice, and suddenly, Robert is in more danger than ever before…

This was a brilliant book and I read it in one night. Charles Gilman is a amazing writer but I wish he’d write more in each book as I never want to stop!

I LOVE the lenticular cover on this one even more than the last one, and this book has more adventure packed in than the last. Some people say that sequels are never as good, but in this case, they are definitely wrong!

Professor Gargoyle by Charles Gilman



When 11 year old Robert Arthur starts at Lovecraft Middle School, he thinks it is amazing. It is completely new, with brilliant facilities like wireless internet and digital “smart-boards”. The library is even better, with hundreds of shelves of new books. But when Robert finds himself in an attic full of old, dusty, moth-eaten books, he starts to think that maybe Lovecraft Middle School isn’t the utopia it appears to be at first sight. After he has Science with ProfessorGarfield Goyle, who seems to be obsessed with rats, and finds a two headed rat in his bag, things start to go really weird, with tentacled monsters coming out of lockers, children going missing, and girls seeming to have travelled through time. When Professor Goyle captures his two headed rat, now named Pip and Squeak, Robert sneaks into Professor Goyle’s office to get them back, and in doing so, finds out the horrible truth about Professor Goyle. C

an Robert and his friends save Lovecraft Middle School, and themselves, before it’s too late?

A book supplier sent this book to me, and I think it was really kind of them. I loved the story, and I can’t wait for the next one to come out! I think it was really exciting and I was completely gripped from the start. I think the author has a good style, and I liked the cliffhanger at the end. You can’t see it on the internet, but it has a really cool lenticular cover  and all my friends got a bit scared of it! One negative point was that I think the excitement sort of suddenly started, instead of starting bit by bit. This is probably a personal preference, and some people may disagree. One thing I want to know is how Charles Gilman manages to get such a lot of adventure into such a small object!

Ratburger by David Walliams

This is the latest book by David Walliams and I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch by HarperCollins. Here is what I think of the book:

Zoe is just an ordinary girl with dreams of running an animal circus. She lives with her dad, who works in an ice-cream factory and is always bringing back delicious (and disgusting) ice cream flavours for Zoe to try, until he meets Sheila, an extremely fat lady who decides to become Zoe’s stepmother, just so she can use Zoe’s dad’s money to buy her prawn cocktail crisps so she can keep stuffing herself. Zoe’s dad loses his job at the factory and has to live off benefit money from the government, which is such a small amount that the house is always full of rats. One day, Zoe finds a baby rat in the corner of her room and decides to keep it. The next morning, Zoe decides that the rat wouldn’t be safe at home, so she takes it to school and names it Armitage. All is well until Armitage manages to climb out of Zoe’s pocket and onto her head! Zoe is suspended and as she leaves, she has to go past the greasy burger man Burt, who wears black strap-on sunglasses and false teeth. He serves the most disgusting burgers, as well as the most disgusting ketchup, in the entire universe. I could go on, but that would ruin the plot for you.

I really enjoyed this book and I thought it was very funny as well as being quite moving. I loved the part about smuggling animals into school, and the part about the performing creatures. One thing I think would have made the book better would be to include one or two more of those illustrated lists I so enjoyed. I think that this is an amazing book and you can order it by clicking the link below.

P.S if you want more about the launch there is a bit about it under news and events (at the top) or click this link.

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Four Children and It by Jacqueline Wilson

This is Jacqueline Wilson’s latest book to date and it’s the first book she has written that has a fantasy creature in it. There are four children: Rosalind, the eldest, Robbie, Rosalind’s younger brother, Smash, Robbie and Rosalind’s stepsister, and Maudie, the youngest and everyone’s favourite. The children are dragged off one day to Oxshott Woods for a picnic, and whilst playing in the sandpit they discover the mysterious, and rather grumpy, Psammead (samm-y-ad), a magical creature that looks a bit like a monkey with eyes on stalks and long brown fur. When they discover it can grant wishes, Robbie wishes he can climb trees amazingly. The Psammead puffs itself up until he’s the size of a beach ball, stays puffed up for a few seconds, then deflates like balloon with a hole in it. Robbie tries climbing a tree and shins up like a monkey in a second. Everyone is amazed and Robbie and Rosalind’s dad signs him up for a lesson with a gymnastics trainer, but when they get there everything goes pear-shaped because the wishes only last until sunset. The next day, Smash wishes that they could all be rich and famous. Everything goes well until the sun goes down …

I really enjoyed this book and I think it’s Jacqueline Wilson’s best yet. I liked the fact that it was a modern take on E. Nesbit’s classic story, Five Children and It, and that the Psammead was always saying how nice and polite children from the 20th century were, compared to the children from the 21st century.


Ingo by Helen Dunmore

Sapphire leads a completely normal life until one day her dad goes out in a fishing boat and disappears. Then her brother Conor starts making frequent trips into the sea without her. She finds he is meeting a mysterious girl wearing what appears to be a wetsuit, but soon reveals itself to be something unbelievable. Soon after, Sapphire meets her own friend with the same amazing body. Sapphire is taken deep into Ingo, the world beneath the sea, and is soon mesmerised by its beauty. But Ingo is powerful, and as its grip on Sapphire becomes stronger, Sapphire is pulled into the dangerous word of Ingo. This book is one of the most exciting I have ever read, as it combines the thrill that makes you have to read on with mystery and haunting beauty. I think Helen Dunmore is an amazing writer and recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and haunting thrillers.


Sylvie and the Songman by Tim Binding

Sylvie is just an ordinary girl until one day she goes to Durdle Door  and her mum disappears whilst swimming. Her dad turns to composing music and  creates lots of odd instruments. When Sylvie’s dog, Mr Jackson, loses his bark, Sylvie and her dad think he’s got some kind of sickness. Then everything is fine until one day she gets home from school and finds that her dad is missing. She and her friend George, as well as Mr Jackson, search the house and garden and they find a mysterious metal rod. Then, at night, a man with a green coat covered in feathers with a bright red hat surrounded by woodpeckers comes through the garden gate. The iron rod begins to vibrate, and the woodpeckers flock to the window and begin tapping at it with their beaks. The woodpecker man joins in and for a few hours all that can be heard is the tap, tap of the woodpeckers beaks. Then, just as the woodpecker man makes a massive crack in the window, the milkman comes round and,angrily, the woodpecker man jumps from the window. Sylvie, George and Mr Jackson leave the house, but are met on the train by a sinister couple and they jump out of the train. Then Sylvie is bitten by a fox, and suddenly she can hear what animals are thinking. The fox leads them to a sanctuary, but along the way they see the woodpecker man in a swan powered hot air balloon with somebody else. They are throwing bottles out of the balloon and when they break open, the song of an animal comes out. Immediately, if an animal hears their song, they are unable to speak or sing. One of the bottles stays unbroken and on it is written “property of The Songman”. Then Sylvie finds some papers that are so important they could, in the wrong hands, create a nuclear explosion. . The Songman hasn’t revealed who he is , but he is closer to Sylvie than she thinks. One thing’s for sure: The Songman wants something Sylvie has, but she is not going to let him have it.

I thought this book was really good and it reels you in the moment you pick it up. I don’t think that it’s possible to get into a good book then put it down. Anyway, I think Tim Binding is a brilliant author  and obviously I can’t write the entire content of the book in this book review, that’s what the book’s for, but I wrote down the key bits, so there is a lot more to this amazing book. One thing I haven’t expressed very much in this review is that music comes into the book a lot, but I don’t think that’s a bad point of the story. In short, I LOVED it !!!


Knife by R.J. Anderson

This is the first book in the Knife series and I think it is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The story is about faeries (yes, it is spelt like that in this book) but they are not the type of faeries that you imagine when you hear that word. The story starts off with a young faery called Bryony who lives in an old oak in a garden. She lives with her stepmother Wink until she is seventeen when the Queen gives her an occupation. She is apprenticed, much to everyone’s surprise, to Thorn, the royal . As Hunter’s privilege, she is allowed to change her name but she decides to change it to something no faery has ever been called before. Knife. She is taught how to snare a rabbit or another small animal, skin it and tan its soft hide, but all the while she is thinking about the terrible Sundering, the time when a faery called Jasmine decided that the faeries in the oak would be better off without humans, so she cast a spell that enabled the faeries to replace themselves with eggs when they died, but in doing so she used up all the magic of the faeries in the oak. Luckily the faery Amaryllis was not in the oak when the Sundering happened so she still had her magic. She was made Queen and because so many faeries kept getting eaten by predators she made a rule that stated that no one was allowed to leave the Oak apart from the Gatherers and the Hunter so that the few faeries left wouldn’t die out. But the deadly Silence had now come to the Oak, and there was no cure for it. Nobody knows what causes it, all they know is it is deadly. When Knife is injured by a crow and then is rescued by a human, she is taught how to draw, which is almost impossible for faeries to do. Also, whilst she is there she befriends the human and when Queen Amaryllis finds out, she gives Knife a choice. Become human and stay with her friend, or stay a faery and never see him again. Will Knife decide to become human? You’ll have to find out!

When I read this book, I thought it was so good that when I finished it, I very, very nearly had a temper tantrum because I didn’t want it to end! (I don’t know what qualifies as a temper tantrum in your mind, but I threw the book on the floor, stamped on it then started hitting it really hard with pillows) Obviously I can’t fit the whole plot of the book in one review, so it has more than a simple(ish) plot like that! Honestly, though, this book was one of my favourite books of all time. I really think people should try reading it because (and I might be wrong) it isn’t a very well-known book and I think it should be.

You can visit the author’s website by clicking here



Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood

A great tale of magic, cupcakes and mischief all rolled into one book. What could be better? It all starts off when Rosemary (the main character of the story) sees her mother fold a lightning bolt into a bowl of batter when she was about five. Then, about six or seven years later, her mother and father are asked to go and make some magical macaroons that are rumoured to cure swine flu for the mayor of a town with a horrible flu epidemic. Rosemary, along with her brothers Ty and Sage and her sister Leigh, are left in the care of Mrs Carlson, an old annoying Scottish lady, and Chip, Rosemary’s parents’ cooking assistant. But then, a mysterious lady supposedly called Aunt Lily turns up out of the blue and Rosemary, Ty and Sage decide to try out some of their parents’ magic recipes. What could possibly go wrong?

I really loved this book, it had the perfect mixture of mystery and humour. The only fault I could find was that the story went a bit off-course at some points in the book. Still, it was an amazing book and I would recommend it to anyone.

Ruby Redfort:Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

This book started off in the Clarice Bean books. It is the story of a girl named Ruby Redfort, who lives with her rich parents in Twinford, America. She leads an ordinary life as a typical schoolgirl until one day, when her parents arrive back from a vacation in Switzerland, the family’s housekeeper disappears, the Redfort home is burgled leaving absolutely nothing but the house itself and the telephones, Ruby’s life is turned topsy turvy. As well as all that, a rather shady-looking butler turns up, calling himself Hitch. Then Ruby starts getting some extremely weird phone calls, in which the person simply hangs up. After about twenty of those phone calls, Ruby gets really fed up and yells down the phone at the weird caller. The person replies in an odd sort of riddle which ends up being a set of clues. Ruby follows them and ends up in a spy headquarters, where she “accidentally” steals some gadgets. She is enrolled as a spy, but she is only meant to have a desk job. So when she finally figures out what something means, instead of telling another agent trained in the field, she decides to go herself. This decision turns out to be a VERY big mistake…

I really, REALLY enjoyed this book (but I would say that wouldn’t I, because Lauren is my Godmother!).


You can order it here by clicking this link Ruby Redfort (1) – Look into my eyes

Deadlock by Julia Golding

This is a book that follows the story of a girl named Darcie Lock as she enrols in a thrilling life of espionage. The story is the third in the Darcie Lock series, and is set in Truro,  Cornwall. The Russian and the Tazbek governments are in Truro to hold a peace conference, and everything is going well until all of a sudden the Tazbek president double-crosses the Russians and takes everybody at the conference hostage. However, because Darcie and her former enemy, (turned friend by force of circumstances) Hugo are not caught, and therefore they are the ones who must unravel the complex web the Tazbek general  has woven around his plot to find out the horrifying truth about the general’s plan, one that would put millions of people in deadly danger . . .

A brilliant read, this is is a book for boys and girls aged 10+.  The only negative thing I can say about it is that it’s quite hard to understand the story at some points, because it is written by two people that are in completely different places doing completely different things! Still, it is a great read and I enjoyed so much I read it from 7:00 at night until 1:00 the next morning because I couldn’t put it down!