The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place #1* Maryrose Wood

An amazing book, it had me gripped from the first page. It follows the tale of three children found in the woods  by the lord of Ashton Place, Mr Frederick Ashton, and their governess, Miss Penelope Lumley, as she tries to eliminate their canine tendencies. They include howling, chasing squirrels and fetching things in their mouths. nevertheless, Miss Lumley is not deterred in her mission to ready the children for human life. But mysteries lurk around Ashton Place. Why is Old Timothy always hiding around corners? And what is the mysterious howling coming from behind the attic wall?

A couple of negative things are the old-fashioned words used in the book and the way the writer veers off the subject at some points in the book. But I would recommend this book to anyone because it is funny and mysterious at the same time

*I couldn’t fit the whole title in so I just wrote #1. The whole title is ‘The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling.’


Deadlock by Julia Golding

This is a book that follows the story of a girl named Darcie Lock as she enrols in a thrilling life of espionage. The story is the third in the Darcie Lock series, and is set in Truro,  Cornwall. The Russian and the Tazbek governments are in Truro to hold a peace conference, and everything is going well until all of a sudden the Tazbek president double-crosses the Russians and takes everybody at the conference hostage. However, because Darcie and her former enemy, (turned friend by force of circumstances) Hugo are not caught, and therefore they are the ones who must unravel the complex web the Tazbek general  has woven around his plot to find out the horrifying truth about the general’s plan, one that would put millions of people in deadly danger . . .

A brilliant read, this is is a book for boys and girls aged 10+.  The only negative thing I can say about it is that it’s quite hard to understand the story at some points, because it is written by two people that are in completely different places doing completely different things! Still, it is a great read and I enjoyed so much I read it from 7:00 at night until 1:00 the next morning because I couldn’t put it down!

The Middle Passage by Julia Golding

A brilliant book,a bit short but still great, this is an adventure in which the daring heroine Cat Royal is on a slave ship heading back to England from San Domingo, in the Caribbean.She stays whilst the ship is being repaired in the Portuguese settlement of Angra do Heroismo. Whilst she is there,she encounters an unusual theft and has a comet named after her, as well as doing all of this whilst tolerating the annoying pest of a man Billy Shepherd, who always pops up in the most ill-timed circumstances.

A brilliant book, it has a few old-fashioned words in it and is slightly short for my liking, but it is a great book for anyone wanting a quick read.