Revolver by Marcus Sedgewick

‘Revolver’ is set in the freezing, icy tundra of the Arctic Circle, in the midst of a gold rush in 1910. Sig Andersson has found his father frozen to death, on the surface of an ice-covered lake he has warned all the family to stay off. Why? Sig is completely clueless, until there is a knock at the door, and a huge, hostile stranger lumbers into the cabin, a revolver around his belt, and demands the gold Sig’s father owes him, the gold Sig knows nothing about. As the plot unwinds, Sig learns so much about his father, his life and how he came to be standing in this freezing hut in the midst of an icy landscape. At the end, however, the stranger still wants the gold, and Sig has no idea where it is, or if it even exists, but all the time Sig is thinking about his father’s most prized possession, a Colt Revolver and the eight bullets that lie inside its wooden case, and just how easily he could get to it…

I really enjoyed this book, so thanks to Emily for recommending it to me ☺︎, I liked the way the author unraveled the plot by changing viewpoints every chapter, so you would have one chapter with Sig and the stranger inside the freezing cabin, and then you would have one at the very beginning of the story with Sig’s father, slightly starting from both ends of the book and working inwards. I really liked his writing type, and I think the slow suspense that led up to the ending was very clever, keeping the reader gripped throughout. I seem to be reading a lot of books with brilliant endings recently, and this book was no exception, I won’t give too much away but it definitely proves that if you look hard enough, there are always three ways out of a two-way situation.


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