Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead

Georges is a boy in 7th grade, living in Brooklyn. The ‘s’ in his name has got him a lot of unwanted attention at school, his mum works night shifts so they never see each other, and his family has just moved house, leaving the home Georges has known all his life behind. Life seems to just keep getting worse, until he finds a note in the basement about a “Spy Club Meeting.” He meets Safer, a boy living upstairs who is intent on finding out what the mysterious Mr X is up to, and his little sister Candy, and soon Georges is swept up into a world of lies and spying, all controlled by Safer.  As the bullying at school gets worse, Georges begins to think. Just how far is far enough? Are Safer’s demands, and the bullying at school, becoming too much? Helped with some logical reasoning from Candy, Georges decides that the bullying must come to end, and starts making his own rules…

This was a great book, which had loads of twists and turns that were completely unexpected. I absolutely loved the ending, but I won’t reveal anything because what made it great was the element of the unknown… Like “A Street Cat Named Bob” the cover was quite misleading, and I ended up reading a completely different type of story to the kind I had expected, but maybe that’s not a bad thing.

I would recommend this book to ages 9-12, as a quite short but nonetheless brilliant read!

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