Spies in Disguise: Boy in Tights by Kate Scott

Joe is just an ordinary boy, until he finds out his parents are spies, and it turns his whole world upside down! The whole adventure starts with an exhilarating car chase, which gets Joe feeling pretty excited. When his parents tell him he has to move house and completely change his life, he is a little disappointed, but now he’s going to be a spy, what could be better? There is a catch, though. Joe is going to have to be…

A girl.

Yes, a girl. And that’s where things start to fall to pieces, as Joe has absolutely no idea, and no interest, in anything girly whatsoever. Worse still, is the horrible frilly concoction of a dress his dad has bought for him to wear, which makes him the laughing stock of the school. Just as it seems that nothing can get any worse, Joe overhears a suspicious phone call and suddenly he’s doing some spying of his own, borrowing gadgets from his parents’ large supply and figuring out this little mystery…

Will Joe catch the bad guy? Or is he just not cut out to be a spy? You’ll have to find out!

I really enjoyed this book, as it was full of hilarious moments and twists and turns in the plot. The storyline was really interesting, including some of those really cringe-worthy moments and some bits that were simply just hysterically funny, and although it was maybe a little easy for me, I still loved it as a short, funny book! One of the things I most enjoyed about it could be that it was very accessible for younger readers, but it was still enjoyable for anyone to read. I would recommend it to ages 7-10 but anyone can read it and will love it, I guarantee.

Thank you SO much to Kate Scott at Piccadilly Press who so kindly sent me a copy, the sequel for, for anyone interested, is out soon!

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