The Slither Sisters by Charles Gilman

This is the second book in the Lovecraft Middle School series and this time the fight against Tillinghast just got even harder. It’s back to school  and Robert is having some weird dreams about Tillinghast’s monsters. Professor Gargoyle has gone, but Robert and Glenn have a new thing to worry about when they find out that Sarah Price, one of the twins who disappeared and then mysteriously returned, is running for class president. Against her is Howard Mergler, a nice boy but  invisible against Sarah’s cupcakes and brownies. Sarah and Sylvia disappear every day at lunch, and when Katrina, Robert and Glenn follow them, they find a gate. They go through it, but are caught at Tillinghast mansion by the twins. They are a hairs breadth away from being used by the monsters like Professor Gargoyle, when Ms Lavinia rescues them. The twins aren’t just running for fun, though. They have bad intentions, and if they win, all the students at Lovecraft would be put in deadly danger. Robert runs for class president, and with some help from his friends, it seems he stands a chance. But Sarah and Sylvia are not going to play nice, and suddenly, Robert is in more danger than ever before…

This was a brilliant book and I read it in one night. Charles Gilman is a amazing writer but I wish he’d write more in each book as I never want to stop!

I LOVE the lenticular cover on this one even more than the last one, and this book has more adventure packed in than the last. Some people say that sequels are never as good, but in this case, they are definitely wrong!

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