Ruby Redfort:Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

This book started off in the Clarice Bean books. It is the story of a girl named Ruby Redfort, who lives with her rich parents in Twinford, America. She leads an ordinary life as a typical schoolgirl until one day, when her parents arrive back from a vacation in Switzerland, the family’s housekeeper disappears, the Redfort home is burgled leaving absolutely nothing but the house itself and the telephones, Ruby’s life is turned topsy turvy. As well as all that, a rather shady-looking butler turns up, calling himself Hitch. Then Ruby starts getting some extremely weird phone calls, in which the person simply hangs up. After about twenty of those phone calls, Ruby gets really fed up and yells down the phone at the weird caller. The person replies in an odd sort of riddle which ends up being a set of clues. Ruby follows them and ends up in a spy headquarters, where she “accidentally” steals some gadgets. She is enrolled as a spy, but she is only meant to have a desk job. So when she finally figures out what something means, instead of telling another agent trained in the field, she decides to go herself. This decision turns out to be a VERY big mistake…

I really, REALLY enjoyed this book (but I would say that wouldn’t I, because Lauren is my Godmother!).


You can order it here by clicking this link Ruby Redfort (1) – Look into my eyes

5 thoughts on “Ruby Redfort:Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child”

  1. Great blog Peps! I loved this book so much I couldn’t stop reading it! I heard that there was a new Ruby Redfort coming out in September!

    x =D

    your cousin Minna

  2. Peps you’ve really made me want this book!
    I’d love to know, in your opinion, what age group each of the books you review is best for, so that I can buy the right bookish presents for my nephew, godchildren and friends’ children.
    Thanks and well done – keep up the good reviewing!
    Juliet x

  3. This is a great review, Peps! You told me just enough of the story to make me want to read it, and ended on a very intriguing note (what’s that mistake – I gotta know!). It’s also beautifully written. I’m very impressed. Love, Jim x

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